It can start slowly with a small crack or be triggered by a simple sound, but once it starts accelerating and growing, there is no stopping an Avalanche. 

The ball started rolling in the winter of 2016. 

Simple conversations about what to do this weekend. Another movie? Dinner? There’s got to be something more interactive than that. The idea began to form and fester. By summer, a decision had to be made: Get out of that snowball's way and let the opportunity pass us by, or ride the chaotic and unpredictable path. 

Avalanche Escape Rooms was established by Jim and Heather Donner in August of 2016.  

Jim brings an engineering mind with construction skills and an eye for re-purposing anything and everything. He oversees the day to day operations, and brings to life that which many can hardly imagine, through the use of modern technology and mechanical equipment. Heather is the purposeful, detailed, and organized engine that keeps this duo moving. She wrangles the details of the business and provides support to all aspects of what we do; often tracking down multiple items, while acting as a muse to keep the team moving forward.

Come share their adventure by having your own.  Can you triumph over Avalanche Escape Rooms?


What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a physical adventure game. Players enter a themed room and must use elements of the room to solve puzzles and riddles to complete the mission or “escape” the room before time runs out. Teamwork and a diverse skill set is critical to successfully completing the mission! 

History of Escape Rooms

As video games gained popularity in the 1970’s, video game designers searched for new ways for humans to interact with the games they play. This evolved into a popular style of gameplay called point-and-click where players are trapped in a single location in a isolated, virtual world. The player must search the room by clicking objects and hovering the mouse over certain locations to escape through a door.

Japan was the first to open a real-life escape room game over a decade ago. The popularity of the real-life experience spread through Asia and into Europe. The concept finally arrived to the United States about 5 years ago. People no longer want to sit and watch but want to have a memorable experience.

Welcome to Reality Gaming….